Welcome to the Riderwood PTA

Thanks for taking part in the PTA and your child's school. It is through such action that we can enhance the high quality education Riderwood provides and our child deserve.

The PTA at Riderwood is very proud of our school. We are fortunate to have an accomplished and dedicated teaching staff. We also have an exceptionally active and talented parent base. The skills and expertise of our volunteers enable us to implement programs and enhance the school's resources in ways other schools can only imagine.

Volunteer opportunities are vast and varied. You can contact the Volunteer Coordinator or any of the Board members to help you find the right program for you. You are required to complete the Volunteer Training before attending in-school functions or field trips with your child(ren).

PTA Executive Board meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. All members are welcome. PTA Bylaws dictate that all meetings follow the Robert's Rules of Order which may make the meetings seem rigid or formal. However doing so enables the PTA to conduct business in a timely fashion. Agendas for each meeting are created the week prior to meeting. New business may be suggested by members. Contact the PTA president if you have an issue for discussion.

At least two general meetings take place throughout the year. They are scheduled in conjunction with Back to School Night at the beginning of the school year, the Winter Concert in December and/or the SpringConcert.

The best way to support your child's education is to partner with the classroom teachers. Therefore, if you have questions or concerns regarding the classroom get in touch with the teacher to discuss the issue. Use email first. There are very few phone lines in the school. Also, email is the quickest way to communicate. A call to the office becomes a note in a teacher mailbox. Almost all the teachers checks email far more often than the paper mailbox in the main office.

Make a habit of reviewing your child's agenda daily.You should see all homework assignments listed there. If not, you, your child and perhaps the classroom teacher can determine a plan of action so your child gets into the habit of recording assignments. This may not seem critical for students in primary grades however this practice is the foundation for a habit that will be essential in later years.

The purpose of the PTA is to help you and the school best support and enhance your child's education. Don't hesitate to let us know how we can help you participate fully in our PTA.


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